Walk Score Professional

What Real Estate Professionals Say About Walk Score

038彩票送18“As a real estate agent, I always look at a property's Walk Score, because price and location are the top two factors for my clients looking for a home.”

- Eva Otto,

“A couple of years ago I hadn't heard of Walk Score. Today it is a key ingredient in the home purchase for many buyers.”

- Greg Smith,

038彩票送18“There's a reason why the properties we develop have a Walk Score of almost 100. People value walkability.”

- Liz Dunn,

“With today's new focus on green living, urban efficiency, and simplification, a home's Walk Score is important to consider.”

- Stuart Dobson,

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Walk Score to my website?

038彩票送18If you use a website listing service provider (e.g. broker website, IDX provider, MLS, etc.), the easiest way to add Walk Score to your listings is to ask your provider to add Walk Score.

If you are comfortable editing your own website, you can add the Walk Score Widget to your site's HTML. Finally, for Craigslist and other blogging tools, we recommend using Walk Score Badges.

Trace Lofts in Seattle Markets Their Walk Score

How do I add Walk Score to my Craigslist rentals?

We provide an easy to use online tool for creating Walk Score Badges for any address. Just enter your listing address and then copy and paste the provided code into your Craigslist post!

Which IDX providers include Walk Score?

Leading real estate website and IDX providers such as , , and include Walk Score in their products.

Can I list my properties on Walk Score?

038彩票送18We work with leading listing providers in the US, Canada and Australia and accept direct listing feeds with a minimum of 200 buildings.

038彩票送18Looking for a listing provider? Create free rental listings with and your listings will automatically be posted on Walk Score.

How do I explain Walk Score to renters and buyers?

A home's Walk Score is important because:

  • Walkability and public transit are associated with higher home values
  • Transportation costs are the 2nd largest household expense
  • Commute time and places to walk are two of the most important criteria for home shoppers
  • A home's location (location efficiency) is often more important than the building's energy efficiency
Is Walk Score just for big cities?

There are numerous small towns that have a high Walk Score and for people living in rural areas, it's still useful to know the distance to the nearest grocery store or school. In fact, some real estate agents say that a low Walk Score is a good thing because it's an "away from it all" score.

How do I add or remove places from the Walk Score map?

038彩票送18It's easy to add and remove places on Walk Score. .